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In-Basin Resin Coated Proppant Manufacturing When and Where You Need It

Hexion’s VoyagerSM mobile resin coating service is the first manufacturing solution that provides in-basin resin coated proppant manufacturing. Manufacturing of products such as our AquaBond Voyager™ proppants and kRT Voyager™ proppants can occur in any location that offers optimum logistics to the wellsite. The unit provides short lead times, minimizes freight costs, and has a low manufacturing cost/lb.

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Partnership with Sand Supplier Provides Efficiencies and Savings in the Permian Basin

Hexion announced the partnership created to provide in-basin production of resin coated proppants. The partnership utilizes Hexion’s Voyager mobile resin coating service and substrate from Black Mountain Sand. This unique partnership joins Hexion with the fastest-growing sand supplier in the world. This is Hexion’s second-generation Voyager resin coating service unit, which will provide logistical efficiencies and cost savings to produce high-quality resin coated sand in the Permian Basin.

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